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Transformative Inclusive Leader


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Program Overview

Leaders across the country are attending panel discussions and training to get an understanding of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) policies and practices. But how do we incorporate what we are learning into our work environment? How do we start down the path of creating a culture of belonging that is intentional and evident to our internal and external stakeholders?

The Transformative Inclusive Leader Certificate Program is the first step down the path that provides leaders of small to mid-sized companies substantive and real-time DEI capacity-building experience.


 The certificate program is a virtual 12-contact hour program that meets for six (6) sessions. Each session meets for two (2) hours. This program equips participants at any level of their organization with actionable DEI tools to use in their workplaces.


  • Session 1: Language of Belonging

    • Learn the nuance understanding of the words Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. 

  • Session 2: Blind Spots, Bias, and Conscious Affirmation 

    • Explore how individual blind spots and bias prevents high performance among teams. 

  • Session 3: Examining Disability

    • Inclusion Discover how to unlock the potential of people of differing abilities. 

  • Session 4: Six Signature Traits of Inclusive Leadership ​

    • Discover the traits and personal characteristics that every leader must possess to lead authentically and inclusively.

  • Session 5: Assessing your Organizational Culture/ Operationalizing DEI Practices Across the Organization 

    • Assess the alignment or misalignment between your organizations stated values and the lived experiences of your employees. 

  • Session 6: Individual Action Plan 

    • Develop an individual action plan that you will implement within your company/organization in the next 30 days. 

Business Plan
Business Discussion




The knowledge, the awareness, the confidence, the competence, and the skills needed to lead diversity, equity, and inclusion transformation throughout their entire organization.


The ability to identify the need for strategic realignment of your core diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging core values within your organization. 


The tools to help you increase your employees' sense of belonging and commitment to your company/organization. 




Program Logistics

  • 3 Weeks

  • 4 hours commitment/week

  • Online



Note: Registering for a certificate requires you to attend all six sessions. For questions email Bria Monet, at

Business Conference

Pricing Details

  • Individual Business Leader/Chamber of Commerce Member Rate: $350/certificate (6 sessions)

By signing up for this event, you are registering for all 6 sessions. Reminder: attendance at all 6 sessions is required to earn a certificate. Please ensure you have the following dates on your calendar and refer to our website for session descriptions. A Zoom link will be sent the day before each session to ensure security.

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