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Transformative Inclusive Leadership Certificate Program

How industry leaders build high-performance teams and create a culture of belonging.

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Program Overview

Leaders across the country are attending various trainings to get an understanding of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) policies and practices. But they are challenged on how to incorporate what they are learning into their work environment. Many leaders ask the question, "How do we start down the path of creating a culture of belonging that is intentional and evident to our internal and external stakeholders?

The Transformative Inclusive Leader Certificate Program is the first step down the path that provides leaders of small to mid-sized companies substantive and real-time DEI capacity-building experience.


 The certificate program is a virtual 9-contact hour program that meets for six (6) sessions. Each session meets for 1.5 hours. This program equips participants at any level of their organization with actionable DEI tools to use in their workplaces.

Themes & Schedule

Session 1: Language of Belonging

Understanding what diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging really mean in the context of an industry leading company.

Session 2: Blind Spots, Bias & Conscious Affirmation

Identify & explore the biggest obstacles and most damaging "default habits" that stand in the way of high performing teams.

Session 3: Examining Disability

Foundational insights and strategies for fostering disability inclusion in the workplace.

Session 4: Six Signature Traits of Inclusive Leadership

Discover, nurture and unleash the personal characteristics of leaders who lead authentically & inclusively.

Session 5: Benchmark & Operationalize Belonging

Assess the true state of an organizations stated values versus the lived experiences of your employees.

Session 6: Individual Action Plans

Develop a 30-day, individual action plan to be implemented within your organization.

Business Plan
Business Discussion

Program Outcomes

Participants walk away with...

The knowledge, awareness, confidence, competence, and skills needed to lead diversity, equity, and inclusion transformation through your organization.

Expertise to identify the needs & strategize an action plan for the  realignment of core diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging core values within your organization. 

3 Actionable & proven tools to increase your employees' sense of belonging, performance and commitment to your company/organization.




Program Logistics

  • 6 sessions held over six weeks (90 mins)

  • Time commitment: 3 hours per week (sessions + outside work)

  • All sessions are held virtually/online via Zoom

  • This is a "cameras on" learning experience


Register Your Team: Bring your entire leadership team! For group sales, reach out to Bria Monet to register multiple attendees.

Expert Facilitators

Registering for this event means you are committing to attend all 6 sessions. 
Attendance at all six sessions is required to earn a certificate of completion.

Ensure you have the sessions saved in your calendar. Zoom links will be sent to registrants prior to each session.

For questions email Bria Monet.

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