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Transformative Inclusive Leadership Certificate Program

How industry leaders build high-performance teams and create a culture of belonging.

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Program Overview

You've probably come across the saying, "employees don't leave organizations, they leave managers/supervisors." This isn't just a catchy phrase; it's a well-researched fact. According to a 2019 Gallup survey, a staggering 50% of respondents cited their direct supervisor as the primary reason for leaving their organization.


But that's not all. When it comes to employees feeling a genuine sense of belonging within their work teams, there are five other influential factors that can lead to employee departures. These factors include outdated mindsets, a lack of understanding of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) language, an inflexible team culture, subpar relationship management, and insufficient application of new skills.


During the Transformative Inclusive Leader Certificate Program, you will unpack the five pivotal shifts (Mindset, Language, Relationship, Behavioral, and Culture) that supervisors and managers must make to cultivate a culture of belonging. This culture not only empowers your team members but also unlocks their hidden potential and brilliance. You will delve into the subtleties of these shifts, gaining an understanding of how each one enhances their effectiveness as inclusive leaders.


Modules &Schedule


  • Session 1: Context for DEIB

  • Session 2: Belonging is for Everyone

  • Session 3: DEI Informs Belonging

Live Zoom Meeting (1 Hour) 


  • Session 4: Unconscious Bias

  • Session 5: Inclusive Leadership Traits

  • Session 6: Inclusive Behaviors

Live Zoom Meeting (1 Hour)


  • Session 7: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast, and Dinner

  • Session 8: Aligning Belonging with Your Organization’s Values

  • Session 9: A Framework for Transformation

  • Session 10: Understanding Organizational Culture through the Lens of Disability Inclusion

 90-Day Individual Action Plan

Participants will craft a personal action plan for the next 90 days, aligning their goals with the principles they have learned.

Live Zoom Meeting (1 Hour) 

$475.00 per person 

Business Plan
Business Discussion

Program Outcomes

Participants walk away with...

1. **Current Thought Leadership:** You will gain insights into the latest trends and research that will enhance your understanding of what it takes to create a team culture of belonging. This understanding is the cornerstone of accelerated productivity.


2. **A Powerful Mental Model:** We'll provide you with a mental framework that will enable you to effectively communicate the tangible benefits of fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace. 


3. **Master the 5 Mindset Shifts:** You will learn about the five crucial mindset shifts that will dramatically enhance your ability to manage inclusively. These shifts are at the heart of successful team leadership.


4. **A 90-Day Personal Action Plan:**

Participants will craft a personal action plan for the next 90 days, aligning their goals with the principles they have learned.

Program Logistics

This training program will occur in both asynchronous and synchronous modalities. Cohorts of participants will take the course asynchronously, accessing pre-recorded training videos and course materials via the Willhouse Learning Management System. There will be three synchronous sessions where participants will engage with Dr. Lewis, present their action assignments, and participate in Q&A. Finally, participants will create their own personal action plan. 

  • 10 Pre-recorded videos (15-30 minutes per video) (90 mins)

  • 10 Application Exercises

  • Time commitment: 1.5 hours per week (sessions + outside work)

  • 3 Live Q&A Zoom Sessions with Dr. Lewis (This is a "cameras on" learning experience)

  • 90-Day Personal Action Plan 

  • Course syllabus 


Register Your Team: Bring your entire leadership team! For group sales, reach out to Bria Monet to register multiple attendees.

Expert Facilitators

Registering for this event means you are committing to participate in all sessions. 
Attendance at all sessions is required to earn a certificate of completion.

Ensure you have the sessions saved in your calendar. Zoom links will be sent to registrants prior to each session.

For questions email Bria Monet.

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