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Our team is skilled in organizational transformation, leader development, and cultural competence.

We help you win by providing you three integrated service offerings:

● Culture of Belonging Audit (COB)
● Organizational Culture Transformation
● Training and Development


Culture of Belonging Audit 

 Why a Culture of Belonging Matters?

According to Better Up, U.S. businesses spend nearly $8 billion each year on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) training; yet, 40% of employees say they feel isolated at work resulting in lower organizational commitment and engagement.  Obviously, D&I training is just a starting point. It doesn’t solve for inclusion.

Moreover, employees experiencing negative workplace interactions, such as having their ideas ignored, having limited control or tools to manage their work, or getting little, if any, growth feedback, eventually disengage -- at an average loss of $13,000 per employee per year.  (Gallup)


Companies serious about winning in their marketplace …create an empowered workforce where employees know their voices are being heard, their opinions count, and that they are an instrumental part of the business.

Josh Bersin

Global Talent Analyst & Thought Leader

The WillHouse Difference


At WillHouse we’ve learned that an empowered, high-performing workforce is fostered at both the individual and organizational systems levels.


Event based training or off-the-shelf programs may spark awareness and reflection, but rarely do they engender the conversations, data, actions, and systemic shifts necessary to building a Culture of Belonging within your organization. 

Our proprietary Culture of Belonging Framework helps you to assess your organizational health through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion using 7 comprehensive business levers:

Business Conference

Organizational Culture Transformation


Winning organizations evolve as employees and customers change. WillHouse partners with you to create and foster a Culture of Belonging through inclusive mindsets, processes and practices. We help you transform your organization by bringing into focus: Accountability, Employee Engagement, Policies and Practices, Customer Experience, Employer of Choice and Organizational Values.

Virtual Team Meeting

Diversity and Inclusion Training and Development

WillHouse offers several training and development forums to upskill your leader with the tools and competencies important to leading inclusively, developing high performing teams, and more.

WillHouse Virtual Institute 

  • The WillHouse Virtual Institute offers leaders the opportunity to learn on their own at any time, through our Leader Impact Sessions (LIS). LIS, develops and shapes skills important to inclusive leadership, developing high performing teams, and emotional intelligence.

Inclusive Leader Development Program

  • Successful leaders develop a plan that guides them to victory. Coaches have playbooks, military officers have war tactics, CEO’s have strategic plans. WillHouse will provide your leaders a playbook that will guide them to creating inclusive and high performing teams that will lead your company to victory.