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Take Your Culture to the Next Level

Promote Organizational DEI Values and Unlock Transformative Change

In today’s business environment, success stems from culture. By promoting diversity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging within your ranks, you can earn the respect of your team and improve their overall performance. Of course, this is easier said than done.

The WillHouse DEI Transformative Leader Vault provides leaders with virtual access to a wide variety of diversity and inclusion tools and resources, including self-paced training videos, online courses, and podcasts.

Ready to accelerate your organization’s diversity transformation?


Transformative Learning, Right at Your Fingertips

Friendly Business Team

Becoming an inclusive, diverse organization is more than just feel-good window dressing. Studies have shown that emphasizing a company-wide culture of belonging enables organizations to:

  • Attract and retain key talent

  • Increase customer/client satisfaction

  • Unlock the full potential of your team

This has a direct correlation with performance and profitability.

Unlock lasting change with optimized leadership

The WillHouse DEI Transformative Leader Vault unlocks a wide range of content from trusted subject matter experts and widely respected progressive thought leaders.

You’ll gain direct access to the knowledge, awareness, confidence, competence, and skills required to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion transformation across your organization.

The Vault helps you learn how to:

Motivational Speaker

Become an inclusive, effective leader


  • Identify your personal diversity characteristics

  • Align your leadership style with an inclusive mindset

  • Unpack your pre-existing cultural and leadership baggage

Assess your organization’s current DEI pain points

  • Evaluate your culture from your team members POV

  • Identify 7 organizational areas that impact belonging

  • See how an organizational culture of belonging impacts your team

Business Discussion
Business Conference

Create high-performing, inclusive teams


  • Empower every team member to reach their full potential

  • Reward innovation and outside-the-box thinking

  • Normalize expectations of trust, commitment, and belonging

Outsmart your unconscious bias


  • Become aware of your pre-existing unconscious biases

  • Confront and challenge your biases

  • Develop expert strategies for unlearning biases

Work Desk
Business Meeting

Tackle tough conversations and sensitive topics


  • Learn and master the SCCCALE framework

  • Teach team members to listen to each other

  • Create a supportive environment for difficult workplace conversations

Unlock Transformative Change

Take a closer look at some of the insightful, research-backed tools and resources available inside the WillHouse DEI Transformative Leader Vault:

online courses (1).png

Online courses: 

  • Becoming an Inclusive Leader

  • Strategy Eats Culture for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Facilitation Brave Conversations in the Workplace 

  • Recognizing Unconscious Bias 

  • Building High Performing and Inclusive Teams

checklist (1).png

Checklist and Templates: 

  • How to create a DEI Strategic Plan

  • How to create a DEI Council

  • How to create an Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

  • How to create a Diversity Statement

  • Assessing your culture for belonging 


Brave Conversations: 

Is the Racial Reckoning Over

Verna Myers - VP, Inclusion Strategy - Netflix

White Fragility

Dr. Robin DiAngelo - Author of N.Y. Times Best Seller, White Fragility: Why It's So Hard For White People To Talk About Race



Racism & The US Constitution

Dr. Donald Nieman - Author of Promises to Keep: African Americans and the Constitutional Order, 1776-To the Present

Staff Meeting


  • Individual Package

    Every month
    1 Membership License Per Person
    • Full access to the DEI Transformative Knowledge Vault
    • Checklist and Templates
    • DEI Podcast and Video Rewind
    • Access to the DEI Transformative Leader Private Community
    • Gratis admission to the annual Connecting the Dots Summit
  • Managers Plan

    Every month
    Up to 20 Membership Licenses Per Organization
    • All the contents in the Individual Vault Package Plus . . .
    • Quarterly Deep Dive Action Sessions with Dr. Lewis
    • Monthly Immediate Attention meetings hosted by guest expert
  • Organizational

    Every month
    Unlimited employee Membership Licenses Per Organization
    • All contents in the individual and managers package
    • Culture of Belonging Assessment

Unlock the vault and gain access with one of these great options


Foundational Building Blocks

Here are some of the core elements included with each membership:

What Our Clients Are Saying

Executive leaders, HR departments, and diversity professionals all love the Vault – see what they had to say about our training resources below!

Amber Rucker.jpeg

Amber L. Rucker, MS, QP

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Manager

Crossnore Communities for Children

I began to follow Dr. Lewis when I first started on my path to becoming a DEI professional in my organization. I was immediately drawn to his passion and fire surrounding organizational development. After a few courses and webinars, I knew that I wanted to work with him further. Our organization reached out to Willhouse Global for a consultation partnership. Dr. Lewis ensured that he took the time to listen to our organizational needs and goals. He was sure that we didn't have to recreate the wheel, but enhance it. It has been a pleasure working with him. He is reachable and always checks in to make sure that as a partner you are also gaining value in working with him. I continue to look forward to what we will do together and wish Willhouse Global much success in the future.


DEI Transformative Leader Vault: 

Accelerate your DEI transformation with a virtual container of video tutorials, self-paced courses, checklists, templates, podcasts, and other diversity and inclusion resources.


Manager’s DEI Mastermind: 


Arm yourself with the awareness, knowledge, and skills required to organically build your team’s capacity to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within your department.


Immediate Action Meetings: 


Engage in live conversations with industry-respected subject matter experts and thought leaders to receive real-time insight and guidance on your workplace diversity initiatives.


Exclusive Online Community: 


As a member, you gain exclusive access to a private community where you can exchange workplace diversity leadership strategies, guidance, and tips with like-minded peers.


Culture of Belonging Survey: 


The culture of belonging survey measures 7 pillars of belonging – this gives us unique, measurable insights into your organization’s current strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities


Quarterly DEI Team Coaching: 


Connect directly with a member of the WillHouse team to continually ensure that you have the right infrastructure and strategic plan in place to achieve your organization’s DEI goals.


Connect The Dots Annual Summit Invite: 


Join progressive company leaders, managers, human resources professionals, and diversity leaders each year to learn about new DEI developments, discuss the latest research, and share tips and strategies in a safe, supportive environment.


Lasting, Transformation Change: 


The DEI Transformative Leader Vault membership puts the ability to support positive organizational change right at your fingertips. This carefully assembled collection of tools and resources enables individual leaders and/or entire teams to turn DEI initiatives from a lofty idea to a real, measurable, high-ROI benefit. Ready to start transforming?

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