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/ˈ(h)wēlˌhous/ - noun

One’s area of interest or expertise

Our competitive advantage:

Helping you win is in our Willhouse. We listen, support, and guide your winning by:

  • helping you to create an organizational culture that attracts and retains the best talent with an inclusive and growth mindset

  • helping you to create high performance and inclusive teams

  • helping you to be the employer of choice in your industry

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We have been recognized by of the preeminent human resource publications in the country—Manage HR — for the value we have added into the work of DEIB transformation!

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Our Services

Collaborating at Work

Culture of Belonging Audit

Creating a culture of belonging is paramount to your company’s health, growth, and bottom line; it is in our Willhouse to help you achieve this competitive advantage.

Organizational Culture Transformation

Winning organizations evolve as the company’s goals, as well as internal and external markets, change. WillHouse assists you to transform your organization culture by looking at seven key areas of your business.

Training and Development 

Upskill your leaders tools and competencies through WillHouse’ Leader Impact Sessions (LIS).

LIS provides your leader strategies important to leading inclusively, developing high performing teams, and more.

Past Clients


Wake Forest Center For Private Business


Imagine a Culture of Belonging in your workplace


Forge Positive Relationships


Build Trust With Colleagues


Evolve As A Company

It is in our WillHouse to turn your imagination into reality 

  • Where everyone feels empowered to put forward their ideas and perspectives, knowing they won’t be belittled or dismissed.

  • Where everyone feels as though their differences are respected and they can attain their full potential.  Regardless of age, race, sex, or other characteristics, all employees feel comfortable to simply be themselves.

  • Employees have opportunities  to forge positive relationships and build trust with their colleagues.

  • Managers are committed to monitoring company culture and take responsibility for maintaining an inclusive atmosphere. They won’t tolerate bullying, harassment, and other behaviors that are out of alignment with your core purpose and values.

  • Leaders demonstrate cultural competence in working with people of different backgrounds and are proactive in expanding their knowledge of challenges others face at work.

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