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No matter the industry, a great organizational culture is paramount to a company’s health, growth and bottom line. A winning organizational culture is your competitive advantage.

WillHouse Global, a firm in North Carolina, is committed to helping you develop a winning culture. WillHouse offers a broad range of consulting services. We take pride in our 25 years of experience in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, human resources and organizational development. 


Our team of experts are thoughtful and strategic in everything we do. We value our clients commitment to excellence and we are driven by solving your problems. 

Colleagues Working Together

Our Offered Services


Culture of Belonging Audit 


Organizational Culture Transformation


Training and Development 


The WillHouse Way

At WillHouse our singular purpose is to assist you in creating a Culture of Belonging through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our competitive advantage is anchored in our proprietary Culture of Belonging Framework.

Helping you win is our competitive advantage. WillHouse helps you:

● attract the best talent with an inclusive and growth mindset
● create a high performing and inclusive culture
● be the employer of choice in your industry

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